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In June our students passed successfully their exams. To celebrate this with them we had a conference at the Afghan mothers day where our students hold speeches, prepared plays, sang and made the moderation of the program. At the end of the conference they received their result sheets and those students who got the first, second and third position of each class received presents along with their result sheets.

Of course, we are persuading our students with all possibilities that we have in order to promote them to take further steps to complete their education. Furthermore, we are training them to get self-confidence to perform their abilities and their knowledge.

We are happy that we could train 600 females in a short period of time.

Despite of our learning programs we are also trying to help those orphans that have economical problems and there is nobody to help them. The New Gulestan Arzo Organization plans to find sponsors for each registered orphan. So that they can get education instead of working or begging at the dangerous streets of Kabul.

We are saying thanks to Ms. Katarzyna Javaheri who tries to find sponsors for 15 orphans, who are registered at the NGAO. Furthermore, we are saying thanks to Ms. Sajia for her kind support and publicizing eleven orphans in her TV show in order to find supporters for them.

A survey group from the NGAO (committee of investigation of the people’s situation) went to the province Panjshir to see the actual school situation in the different districts. They spoke with the teachers and students about their problems and needs. One of the results is that the teachers are asking for a library, as they do not have access to books in that area. Another result is that the students are facing a lack of English courses, computer classes and access to the Internet. The New Gulestan Arzo Organization planned a project to support the children and youngsters in the province Panjshir and we are looking for a partner to realize that project. Please contact us if you want to join this project.


To keep you updated about our work we will provide you here with the latest news about the NGAO.

New Gulestan Arzo Organization efforts in the resources of the countries education.

After a lot of struggle the New Gulestan Arzo Organization gains the proud to hand over 1680 English books to the Ministry of Education on 5th December 2009. The Ministry of Education will distribute these books to the high schools or to those educational centers where the students can use the books effectively.
Mohammad Jahesh, the president of the New  Gulestan Arzo Organization, added that these books were transferred by the Polish army planes with no charges. They weigh around 550 kg.
These efforts are done only with the help of the association “school for peace”. These books make it easier to learn English and are very useful for those who are keen to learn English.
Still lots of books remain in Poland so the problem we have is the transportation for these books. We hope that the Polish army transfers the rest of the books to Afghanistan.
To be honest, the association school for peace and the government of Poland did many efforts in the reconstruction of Afghanistan and we are looking forward for further support in the future as well.
Furthermore, the New Gulestan Arzo Organization plans to establish educational courses free of charge in some provinces of the country. We will be happy if we are supported in implementing these projects.
In December 2009 Mohammad Jahesh, the president o the NGAO, went himself to Ghazni, especially the district Qalai Ghazi to realize the project of school construction in this region with the cooperation of the association “schools for peace”. During this trip he personally met and spoke with the president of the Ministry of Education of Ghazni, Mr. Hosni Mubarak Azizi, as well as the elders of the district Qalai Ghazni. All of them welcomed him warmly and promised him their full cooperation and are looking forward to realize this project.
The project was handed over in December 2009 to the association “schools for peace” and is still pending.
At the end of April 2010 we had again final exams of our courses of the Educational Center. Our students passed successfully their exams. We awarded them with certificates and small presents.
At the moment our Educational Center is in pause, because the number of our students increased and our costs rose. We are looking for another place where we can offer more students the chance to get education.  We are looking forward for supporters for our Educational Center in order to provide those children again the chance to receive education.
In October 2010 we handed over English books to the Ministry of Education of Ghazni.

In May and July 2010 arrived again new deliveries of English books to Bagram. These deliveries were organized together with the association “schools for peace” and transported by the Polish Army.
The New Gulestan Arzo Organization could help the Ministry of Information and Culture of Panjshir with 9000 English Language Oxford Brand books including CD's, DVDs, cassettes and videos related to these books. This cooperation has got possible only with the collaboration of the Polish registered organization"association schools for peace". As a representative of Afghan students we are saying thanks and many many appreciation to the association”schools for peace” and to the Polish army who brought these books voluntarily from Poland to Afghanistan.

This is not the first time that the association schools for peace supports Afghan´s education. It started on 5th of December 2009 helping the Ministry of Education of Afghanistan with English language books in the worth of 40,000 $.

In October 2010 we helped the Presidency of the Education of Ghazni Province with Thousands of Oxford English language brand books.
The president of the Presidency of Education of Ghazni Mr. Husne Mubarak Azizi appreciated our support and hoped for further cooperation.

On 4th of December 2010 we helped the Ministry of Information and Culture of Panjshir province with 9000 oxford brand books and hundreds of other related material. Ruhhullah Yousufi the president of the Presidency of Information and Culture of Panjshir esteemed our supports and asked us to help the province of Panjshir with 18 professional English teachers.

The academics and youngsters of the province Panjshir face the lack of English language knowledge. In the whole province Panjshir there is not an active English language center. Therefore, it´s hard for Panjshir academics to get admission in high education institutes or at the universities and it is also hard for them to work with international communities together because they cannot speak English. Furthermore, we are living in the time of computer, internet and globalization and we need the English language in order to get an important part of the communication of the world.

The students of the province Panjshir are having English books and all learning materials and prepared classrooms the only thing they need is professional teachers for both genders, for boys and girls. We hope if somebody could help the youngsters of this province with the salary of professional teachers and achieve their humanitarian and moral mission.

In May 2011 we handed over English books to the English Academy Rana in Ghazni.

In August 2012 Mr. Barat Khan on behalf of the New Gulestan Arzo Organisation received English books from the Polish PRT Ghazni, which was collected, organized and transported by the efforts of the association “Schools for peace”.


In February 2013 the NGAO made a survey in the province Panjshir to evaluate the educational situation there and to see what is needed.