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Beneath you will find our planned projects.

Classrooms for the Courses of the NGAO

too small. Our students, which are coming from different parts of Kabul, are very interested to

study with us. They are asking us daily for more courses. We have qualified teachers and doctors, with whom we can offer more courses like e.g. German, basic health courses, advanced computer or mathematic courses, but we are limited because of our rooms at present. We have already converted our secretariat and conference room into classrooms, but even that is not sufficient anymore. We need more rooms to offer more courses and to provide more girls the possibility of free of charge courses. We need a building with at least 8 course rooms. The founders of the NGAO bear all the costs of the organization at present. A bigger building and the related costs cannot be financed by the founders, therefore we are asking you for support.


Salary for the Teachers of the NGAO

The most appropriate and cost effective strategy for the deployment and finally support of thousands families and population of the country is to plan, arrange, implement and conduct lessons for needy girls and women. To provide those lessons in school subjects it is important to have good teachers. Unfortunately, it is not possible for the founders to effort the salaries for the needed teachers beside the other running costs.


The advancement of health and fitness is an elementary part of the further development of Afghanistan. As not only the mental but also the physical fitness is important for an active and balanced human being. Sport and especially self defending courses for girls and women are mainly a taboo topic in Afghanistan. The NGAO plans to provide its students as balance, beside the daily courses in different subjects, sport courses. First researches between the students show that they are very interested in it. Planned are courses for 300 girls at the moment.


If you are interested in one of our projects please contact us so that we can provide you more information.

The number of the NGAO students rises daily and our building, inclusive our classrooms, are getting
Sport Courses for Girls and Women
The New Gulestan Arzo Organization registered 120 orphans, who are in need for help. They have nobody to support them. They are begging on the streets of Kabul or are trying to earn little money by cleaning shoes, collecting papers from the garbage dump, etc. Going to school and getting education is an uncompleted dream for them. To help them and to give them a better future, the NGAO registered them with the aim to find sympathetic sponsors for them. With 50€ monthly they can have something normal to eat and drink and they can get education. 50€ in Europe is just enough to go and eat with the family one time outside, but with this money you can change the future of a complete family in Afghanistan. If you would like to help those needy children and give them a better future, then please contact us.
Sponsors for orphans