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Interview between Mr. Mohammad Jahesh, president of the NGAO, and Ms. Katarzyna Javaheri Ph.D. student in Oriental Studies.


M.Jahesh: Dear Ms. Katarzyna Javaheri please introduce yourself shortly and explain us how you, as a Polish citizen, got interest in Afghanistan.


Ms. K. Javaheri: First of all I wanted to thank you for invitation to this interview. I am a Ph.D. student in Oriental Studies. I have graduated in Iranian Studies and after that I have got interested in Afghanistan, its culture, languages and history. I am also interested in Afghan housing policy. I have written my degree thesis on the Cracow University of Technology regarding Afghan real estate market.


M.Jahesh: How do you like Afghanistan?


Ms. K. Javaheri: After some years during which I was working on Iranian Studies field, I noticed that Afghanistan is much more interesting. I have visited Afghanistan twice. It was really great experience.


M. Jahesh: Which experiences did you make yourself in Afghanistan?


Ms. K. Javaheri: I definitely love Kabul. It is a city of contrasts, where the modernity and tradition meet each other. I was doing my research on Kabul’s real estate market. It was great experience to notice how Afghan housing policy and urban development works. Despite its illegal character I really like informal settlements on mountain slopes where 12% of the Kabul’s population (about 400 000 people) lives. Especially at night it seems magical.


M.Jahesh: Which activities would help Afghanistan in your opinion?


Ms. K. Javaheri: I have read some international reports on Afghanistan’s recent development. I think that the situation is gradually getting better and better. However, Afghanistan definitely needs more well-educated people, man and woman. In my opinion education is the most important issue. I heard that during the war a large number of school buildings have been demolished and its reconstruction is urgently needed in Afghanistan.


M. Jahesh: You got to know our organization, the NGAO, and our programs. What do you think about our activities and programs?


Ms. K.Javaheri: Yes, I am familiar with your programs. I find them very useful. Teaching languages, especially English skills is required and must-do in contemporary world. The other important aspect of your programs is the opportunity of cooperation. Girls and women can see and work together on different projects.


M. Jahesh: One of our main activities is our Educational Center at the moment. As you know we are teaching about 600 female students in different subjects. What do you think, is that a good step to enable the Afghan women to make them a useful part of the society?


Ms. K. Javaheri: I believe it is a very useful project. After years without education, Afghan girls and women really need attention. However I think that education is very important for both genders, Afghan men and women.


M. Jahesh: Despite of this program, we registered also orphans in our organization. As we want to find sponsors for them in order to bring them from the streets to school. You decided to join us in finding sponsorships for them. Which reason touched your heart so that you decided to join us with this good work?


Ms. K. Javaheri: When I saw the orphans’ pictures, I know that I have to do something, to help them. These children can become well-educate, even become specialist and be the future of Afghanistan. Only the thing is that they need money and attention.


M. Jahesh: In order to reconstruct Afghanistan we need educated citizens. And without money our needy citizens cannot get education. In your opinion, do our momentary activities, free of charge learning courses and sponsorships, meet these two main needs?


Ms. K. Javaheri: I am sure that idea of free of charge courses is a really great thing in present-day Afghanistan. People don’t have enough money to live, so it is natural that they can not pay for example for the courses of their daughters. Your free education is an opportunity for everyone who wants to learn something useful.


M. Jahesh: In our men ruled society money is mostly invested in males and the girls and women have to to stay at home. But the girls and women are the mothers of tomorrow’s children. In your opinion, does an investment in the education of females make sense?


Ms. K. Javheri: As I said, I think that education is very important for both genders, for Afghan men as well as women. However you are right that today’s girls are going to be mothers of tomorrow’s children. I believe that every Afghan girl who wants to get her degree, should have this opportunity. Your programs and courses give them this opportunity.



M. Jahesh: Can you imagine to work together with the NGAO in order to educate and support Afghan children in Afghanistan?


Ms. K. Javaheri: Afghanistan is very close to me and I really want to help. I hope we can work together during my future journeys to Kabul. I also plan to promote your organization in my country.


M. Jahesh:

Thank you very much for your support and your interest in our work. We are looking forward for a good cooperation in the future.