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Our country Afghanistan, a member of the international community has continuously undertaken deep crisis such as the imposed war, terrorism and domestic conflicts since a long time. The effects and outcomes of these crisis such as destructions, the lack of family guardians, emigrations, the increased number of disabled and crippled people, destruction of schools and educational centers all gathered, faced the people with poverty, illiteracy, lack of awareness of national and international rights, all kinds of violence , production and traffic of drugs and other factors.


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We would like to welcome you to the New Gulestan Arzo Organization. We are a non-governmental organization and would like to show you our work on the following pages.


The result is that the level of violence, drug production and traffic, terrorism and violations are increasing and the level of merits such as justice, awareness and respect to ones own and others rights, national and international coexistence, knowledge, access to basic health services and other social and economic necessities are decreasing.

In this process the vulnerable class of Afghan society such as children, women, elders and families without guardians are more affected by experiencing hardship, misfortunes, lack of awareness, illiteracy, deprivation of humanitarian basic services, lack of guardians, human rights ignorance and there are limited references which meet their needs and help them. On the other hand, the work which is done in this way puts less positive effects upon the life of this class.

To reach the goal of finding a solution for this problem, which is not related only to Afghanistan but it is a universal one, it is necessary that the people of Afghanistan and the world should coordinate all of their humanitarian activities clearly and with transparency. In this way, the persecuted and unprivileged people of Afghanistan will reach the goal of progress and development simultaneously with the other developing countries.

The New Gulestan Arzo Organization, which has been established by sympathetic and affectionate persons of Afghanistan and Germany, intends to attract the attention of generous and kind people inside and outside the country to help the needy people of the country, especially, children, women, elders and families without guardians and also encourages the people and organizations outside of the country to create a turning point in the life of the deprived people of Afghanistan. In this way the cooperators will serve the oppressed and unprivileged people of Afghanistan and will achieve their humanitarian and moral mission for all needy and deprived people of the country.



Ghazni neu 30.05.10
This is a video that shows our president, Mohammad Jahesh, together with the president of the Ministry of Education of Ghazni, Mr. Husni Mubarak Azizi.